About Jason


About Me
Born and raised just outside of Chicago in the suburb of Joliet, Illinois, I was raised as a fan of all sports Chicago. Although I attended more Sox games as a child, I still became a Cub fan and am happy with that decision to this day, no matter how hard times get. My favorite teams to watch as a kid, besides the ’89 Cubs, would include the ’86 Mets and the ’89 A’s. Teams with memorable, outstanding players who unfortunately are now known for more bad than good. Die Hard Bears fan as well, how could you not be when your first football memory is Walter Payton… but again, I enjoyed watching other teams. Specifically the Bills, yes, those Bills. They may have lost four consecutive Super Bowls but boy were they fun to watch. Basketball was easy here having the greatest to ever play the game on my TV as far back as my kindergarden year. Michael Jordan was great to watch and we got the privilege of him bringing us six championships. I grew up in a hockey family and watched some hockey as a kid, however, thanks to Mr. Bill Wirtz, I, like many, did not get the opportunity to watch as much as I’d like hence losing interest. That interest has been back since around 2005 when I could get a ticket to the United Center and sit anywhere I liked for mere peanuts. Thankfully this team brought us titles in 2010 and 2013. Something the city hadn’t received since the late ’90’s(I dont like to include the ’05 Sox).

Having grown up and played sports as a child, my love of these games grew and my appreciation of certain players grew. Idolizing guys like Walter Payton, Michael Jordan and Ryne Sandberg made watching sports in Chicago easy. It also gave me something to shoot for. Unfortunately, I did not make it as far as any of them, no where close for that matter. However, I maintained my love for the game and hope to convey some of that love through my writing here. You can find me on twitter at Jasont_11 and please feel free to drop me a line. I always encourage the feedback and conversation. I hope you enjoy what you read and if you have topic ideas you’d like me to explore, you can shoot me an email at JJT3279@yahoo.com.


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