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Send us videos via our twitter page to enter for your chance to win pregame batting practice with the batting stance guy, Gar Rayness. Included in the sweepstakes are 2 box seats right behind the Kane County Cougars dugout. Your videos must include your favorite batting stance of all time, that’s it! Remember, the crazier the better, but accuracy still counts. So make sure you know who you are doing and all of their nuances, but most importantly, just have fun!

  • Must be 13 or older to enter, with parental permission
  • Must be U.S. citizen
  • Kane County Cougars are not liable for any injuries on the field
  • Cardinal fans are not eligible
  • Neither are White Sox fans
  • Text WININ14 to 1908 to verify entry
  • This is not a real contest
  • Winners will be drawn the second Wednesday of next week



2013 Cubs Draft


2013 Cubs Draft Headed by Kris Bryant

The Chicago Cubs front office, consisting of Jason McLeod, Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein are said to be very happy with their draft haul.

In the first round the Cubs went with the best position player on the board in University of San Diego’s Kris Bryant.Bryant was an all world 3rd baseman for the Torreros leading the NCAA in homeruns with 31, thats ten more than the next closest hitter and only 73 out of 296 teams hit more home runs than him. My expectation for Bryant is that he get sent to rookie ball in Arizona, before spending the end of the summer in Kane County. My thought is he will start next season at double “A” ball, before getting a September call up and sticking with the team for good out of Spring Training in 2015.

The biggest need of the draft for the Cubs was pitching, and here in the second round the Cubs started to build depth at the much needed position by drafting Rob Zastryzny. Zastryzny is a 6’3″ left hander who went 2-9 during his senior year, due to 2.5 runs per game being scored in support of his 3.38 ERA. My thoughts are that Zastryzny will pitch a game or two in rookie ball and start next season at Low A Kane County. This choice may have been a reach but with the new slotting system value rules in place, the Cubs took a chance on a guy they feel will sign for under slot value. ETA:2017

The 3rd thru 10th rounds of the draft went as follows:

  • Jacob Hanneman is a 22 year old who is in his first season of college ball after completing a 2 year Mormon Mission. He will be behind in development, but has some very strong, raw tools. ETA:2018
  • Tyler Skulina is a big kid at 6’6″ 225 lbs. He went 11-3 with a 3.77 ERA his junior season, which was actually below preseason expectations. This probably makes him an under slot guy as well that projects as a 4th or 5th starter down the road. ETA:2017
  • Trey Masek is a high upside pitcher with good stuff that probably only fell this far because of the slotting value system. His durability is a concern due to his 6’1″ 185 lb. frame. However he is expected to move through the system quickly because of advanced command and an uncanny ability to miss bats. Could be a future closer and/or setup man. ETA:2016
  • Another huge right handed arm is 6th round pick, Scott Frazier. The 6’7″ 230 lb. right hander needs to master his command and control on the mound. Its not a question of ability as he shows good velocity on the heater. This will be an interesting, very high reward, project for minor league pitching coordinator, Derek Johnson. ETA:2018
  • David Garner is a smaller stature kid who may move right in to a bullpen position and fly through the minor league system. Garner and Masek could very well be closing the 8th and 9th innings by the end of this decade. ETA:2017
  • Sam Wilson is probably the most raw of any of the top ten players selected. He has very high upside with a plus fastball and good offspeed stuff. His journey to the majors may take a while longer than others. ETA:2020
  • Charcer Burks is the first high school player taken in the draft by the Cubs. He will probably get paid over slot after a run on under slot value. He is a smaller kid, top of the order type hitter with good speed and patience. Plays middle infield and 3rd base, but could possibly switch to center field or be a utility type player. ETA:2020
  • Zachary Godley is a big guy at 6’3 245 lbs. He lacks polish and refinement, but with his size and power could move to the bullpen and be a very projectable long term closer. He will be another under slot signing. ETA:2018

The way I view the draft is very interesting. It started with getting the best player available. After that, you seen a lot of high risk, high reward type players that for the most part will all sign under slot. This is huge because after the first 10 rounds all bonuses dont go against a teams allotted amount at 100,000 and under. This allows the Cubs the extra money to take a chance on higher impact, harder to sign guys after the 11th round. In round 12 they drafted and already signed Trevor Clifton, who signed for 3rd round slotted money.

This idea of thinking by the front office helps with overall signability on their 40 selections as well as staying within the guidelines set by Major League Baseball. All in all, it appears to have been a very good draft for the Chicago Cubs. After years of development problems, it looks like the front office is drafting and developing talent, and heading the franchise in the right direction. The Cubs already had 4 different players amongst baseballs top 100. With this draft and a huge international signing, the Cubs easily could have 6 of the top 100 at the beginning of next season.